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London Real Podcast

London Real is a video talk show where, each week, they interview someone at the top of their game – providing an inside look at how they achieved their success. The podcast has featured actors, athletes, members of parliament, and CEOs of billion dollar companies. Hearing from these influencial people will give you the insight and motivation to take your life and career to the next level.

The London Real podcast has been a big inspiration for me in the past year; whether it’s a motivational podcast like with Dan Pena or Gary Vaynerchuck, or a spiritual conversation with someone like Dan Hardy – you will always learn something useful, and very often you’ll learn a bit about yourself in the process.

London Real have created a community of ‘London Realers’ and an online platform for everyone to share their ideas and motivate eachother. They also have some incredibly useful seminars and lectures on the website, a lot of which you can access for free @ londonrealacademy.com

1.) Dan Hardy – UFC Fighter

This is the first episode I ever watched of London Real, and it’s still, probably, my favourite!

Dan opens up about his retirement from the UFC and his up-and-down relationship with the sport; he talks about his youth, his spirtituality, and philosophies, as well as his experiences with psychedelics and much more.

Since watching this podcast I have become a huge fan of Dan. Not only is he a great martial artist (now pundit and commentator) but he is a very down-to-earth guy and interesting to listen to; he’s very humble, self-aware and honest with people – which often makes for insightful and profound conversations.

In his more recent appearance on the London Real podcast – ‘Evolution of a Fighter’ – Dan talks about how his honesty has always rewarded him with opportunities which could never have expected. Being a guest on London Real for example – if he wasn’t so willing to discuss topics like psychedelics and spirituality then he probably wouldn’t have been a guest on the podcast and he wouldn’t be #1 on my list. (What an honour!)

2.) Dan Pena – Just F*cking Do It

By far the most motivational podcast I have ever seen.

Dan Pena – “The 50 Billion Dollar Man” – is a no-nonsense, straight-shooting, ball-busting businessman. He founded the QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) methodology for success, he teaches the course and has mentored hundreds of students to become ‘super-successful’; he’s also an entrepreneur and serial investor.

In this podcast, Dan reveals his secrets to success and offers invaluable information on how you can start to perform better and become the best version of yourself.

This 2-hour episode is all the motivation you will ever need to get off your arse and do something. But, as Dan Pena points out; 99% of you fuckers won’t change anything!

3.) Graham Hancock – Magicians Of The Gods

If you have seen my post on the Top 5 Joe Rogan Podcasts then you will know how much I love Graham Hancock.

In my opinion, Graham is one of the most important intellectuals of our generation – not just because of his research or his publications, but because of what he stands for (free speech; personal sovereignty and the importance of challenging mainstream beliefs).

In Graham’s breakthrough bestseller, Fingerprints of the Gods, he presented a case for a ‘lost civilisation’ which was wiped out by a global cataclysm approximately 11,600 years ago, and explains how this idea contradicts mainstream archaelogical opinion and our understanding of history.

Since then, Graham has written more on the subject and has delved in to deeper subjects like the use of psychedelics and entheogens, such as Ayahuasca, which he first encountered when researching his book Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.

By challenging conventional wisdom, Graham has become a huge target of the scientific community, being labelled terms like a ‘pseudo-intellectual’. But his quest for truth and reluctance to conform to mainstream ideas has earned him a lot of respect from his fans.

In this episode, Graham describes talks about the lost civilisation and how more information is coming out to confirm his research. He also discusses the use of psychedelics to aid humanity, and some of the problems facing our society.

4.) Ido Portal – A Moving Conversation

Many fitness gurus have appeared on the London Real podcast, but this episode was the most inspiring and most informative that I have seen.

Ido Portal, as Brian explains, is not just a fitness coach, he’s “a man with a message, a man who was intent on communicating his views of movement to the world, and to do so without selling out.”

This ‘moving conversation’ is a fantastic expression of that. Ido shows us a number of techniques we can use to get in better shape but also to heal our bodies through movement, and get to our optimal state as a human being.

Not only does Ido do this through demonstrating, but he has a fantastic way of breaking ideas down in to principles rather than just instructions. By doing this you can learn a lot more, much faster, but we also see his immense understanding of the human body and evolution, also his passion for teaching and helping others.

5.) Dr. Carl Hart – Debunking Drug Myths

For almost a century, we have waged a war on drugs. Billions of dollars invested, countless lives wasted and families’ lives ruined by criminal convictions. Governments have a lot invested in the line that drugs are bad, but the real world is not so black and white.

The only enemy to progressive conversation is disinformation and misinformation. The War on Drugs, like any war, has been a dirty conflict of myth casting and scaremongering.

Dr Carl Hart has taken a different approach, he realises that people want and, in some cases, need to take drugs – and so it’s not about preventing drug use overall, but educating people about the effects in order to keep them safe.

Carl grew up in a poverty stricken neighbourhood in Miami, and witnessed the effects of drugs first hand. He was an abuser and seller of drugs, and, like many, was convinced drugs and addiction were the cause of his neighbourhoods problems. After joining the military then studying neuroscience, that all changed.

Under real scientific scrutiny, the drug myths we’ve all heard for so long collapsed. In this podcast, Carl exposes some of those myths and presents some facts about drugs to encourage a more open and productive conversation on drug use and laws.

Honorable Mentions

There have been hundreds of great episodes of the London Real podcast. I have chosen these episodes, somewhat because they are my favourites, but also to reflect the wide range of guests on the show.

Here’s three more iconic episodes!

Jacque Fresco – The Venus Project REDUX

It’s easy to find problems with the world; war, famine, poverty, pollution, politics and so on… but very few people can present solutions to those problems.

Jacque Fresco is one of the few. He has spent his whole life questioning our society and presenting alternate solutions to what we use today. For decades he has been sharing his ideas with the public, trying to instigate a change in the way we think, which he says is neccessary to implement any positive changes in the world.

In 1995 he founded The Venus Project, which offers “a broader spectrum of choices based on the scientific possibilities directed toward a new era of peace and sustainability for all.”

Jacque’s book, The Best That Money Can’t Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty and War, goes in to detail on how we could restructure society as a Resource Based Economy; how we could dissolve countries and live as part of a global community, for eachother and for the earth – not for governments or nations – and also explains some of the symptoms of our current society which is based on private interests and propaganda.

It’s a hugely optimistic but realistic message which is at the heart of The venus Project and is the essence of all of Jacque’s work.

In this episode of London Real, Jacque talks about his life’s work, and some of the things we must do to create a positive change in the world. He is truly one of the best thinkers of our generation and this episode provides a great insight to his ideas.

Joey Coco Diaz – Preaching To The Church

This is unlike any other London Real podcast I’ve seen. I’ve been a fan of joey ever since seeing him on The Joe Rogan Experience – he’s can be the craziest, funniest, angriest comedian you have ever seen but he’s also wise, and loyal and he takes no bullshit.

As Brian is always trying to learn from his guests and tell their whole story, we get to see both sides of Joey Diaz in this episode: the controversial, in-your-face comedian; but also the street-smart, ‘take no prisoners’ hustler side – which he says was neccessary for him to succeed in a dog-eat-dog town like LA.

It’s hard for me to introduce Joey, as I’ve never seen anyone like him. But he likes to introduce himself as the uncle that everyone has; he’s a little fucked up, he did some time, but he’s got your back.

I think everyone can learn something from Joey. But even if you don’t it’s still fun listening to his stories.

Ayahuasca – My Heart of Darkness

Since Brian started the London Real podcast, Ayahuasca has been a very important topic of discussion.

In this episode, Nic gives the most personal and most profound account of an Ayahuasca experience I have ever heard – with some uncomfortable moments but some very inspirational moments too.

He explains how, throughout his 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, he gained a new perspective on life; he was able to recognise his fears and failures and able to identify with his true self – allowing to approach life in a more positive way after his experience in the jungle.

Here are some quotes from Nic;

  • “I felt a lot of my ego had been taken off me – a lot of the pressure of the ego had been relieved.”
  • “I was shown just how insane I was…how many fears I had…how many neuroses I had…”
  • “I was someone who was having to think his way through the world as opposed to someone who was feeling his way through the world.”
  • “Nic died in that jungle and whatever I am now was born in that jungle.”

If you are familiar with Ayahuasca, this may not surprise you, but if are unaware of its effects then this may be quite disturbing at times, but if you pay attention and if you are trying to make a positive change in your life – then Nic’s story could have a lasting effect on you.

This episode is definitely worth a watch, for anyone!


So there are some highlight episodes from the London Real podcast.

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