So this is a disclaimer to address anyone who wishes to a complaint, or anyone who’s sad enough to read a fucking disclaimer page on my “shitty blog”, as it’s been called before. Gimme a break.

Before I start with the legal stuff, I’d just like to point out that – as you will have noticed – I have adverts on my site for affiliate products. I make commission for every product that is sold when a user buys it after clicking a link from my website. If you have any problems with this then all I can say is “go and make your own fucking website and stop crying over a tiny little advert.”

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Another thing I should point out is that I can’t guarantee that all of the information on this site is 100% accurate. If any of the posts I write that contain false or misleading information lead to the wrongful conviction of some innocent black man; if they cause riots in the street or the murder of some pregnant lady – sue me. But if not, again, gimme a break.

After writing that last paragraph, I realise that there’s another thing I should probably point out;

If you take offence to anything that I write in this blog – instead of blaming me, you should probably question why you care so much about what some idiot blogger is writing and take some time to assess your own insecurities. I’m not racist; I’m not sexist, homophobic, or anything like that – sometimes I will exagerrate or label certain people for what I perceive as “comedic effect”, but it’s not said with any bad intention.

I will admit that I am envious and often bitter towards certain rich people or people in power. If you are rich or powerful and you take offence to any of the stupid shit that I write on this blog – sue me… In fact, don’t sue me. I have no money. I’ve got a life to live. I have dreams. I’m harmless. Leave me alone. Please don’t sue me…

Anyway that’s about all I have to say. If you have any questions, complaints or observations then contact me.

1.   Terms of Use

All information provided on and taken from your blog is at their own risk. You are reading this blog of their own free will.

2.   Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise noted, I am the legal copyright holder of all material on this blog. Content from this blog can’t be used – reprinted or published – without my written consent.

This blog may contain copyrighted material from other sources (such as images and videos); the use of which has not been specifically authorised by the copyright owner. In almost all cases, the use of such images is to advertise that person/product – if any copyrighted content I use is outwith the boundaries of Fair Use of copyrighted content then I will remove the content immediately upon request.

3.   Hold Harmless

All the information provided on this blog is for entertainment purposes only, I am not providing medical, legal or other form of advice. When reading this blog you are reading and/or using any of the information at your own risk.

4.   Privacy Statement

I will not sell any of their personal or contact information to another company! I will not put any information from my users on spam lists. But also, I am not responsible for the privacy practices of advertisers or commenters on my blog; I will do nothing to compromise the privacy of my users but I can not prevent other people from doing so.

5.   Reserve Rights

I reserve the right to change the focus on this blog, to shut it down, sell it or to change the terms of use at my own discretion.

6.   Advertisers and Sponsors

I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors. If any of my readers buy a product of service based upon a link from this blog, they must take action with that exact company to resolve any issues, not with me.

If the issue is serious and you are unable to reach the company directly then you are welcome to contact me and ask for assistance. But I have no responsibility to assist; nor can I guarantee that I will be able to resolve the issue.

7.   Letters to the Editor

Any letters, messages, tweets or e-mails that I receive may be shared in the future, or parts of them may be quoted. Although I will never share the names or information of the writer without their permission. Anyone who contacts me can request for their message to be kept private. If they don’t state this then I reserve permission to use it as part of future content.

Again, you are welcome to contact me with any queries.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for you, you can view my full Terms & Conditions.

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